Elementary School Poster Contest

The annual Americanism Poster Contest is a fun and educational program for Fifth Grade students. It was created to stimulate interest in American History in support of the classroom curriculum. A new poster topic is set every year.

The 2020-21 Topic is
“The Sons of Liberty” 

The Sons of Liberty was a secret revolutionary organization believed to have been founded by Samuel Adams in Boston. It quickly expanded to all the 13 Colonies. The Sons of Liberty rallied against “taxation without representation” and opposed British rule over the colonies. Members of the Sons of Liberty were dock workers, tradesmen, printers and others.

This website has some good information and study materials on the Sons of Liberty: https://study.com/academy/lesson/sons-of-liberty-lesson-for-kids-summary-facts.html

The Gold Country SAR is pleased to provide local teachers with speakers who are knowledgeable on the yearly poster topic. Most of our speakers appear in Revolutionary War costume or uniform. Posters are judged and prizes are awarded at the School, Chapter, State and National levels. A representative of the National Art Education Association (NAEA) is invited to participate in the national poster judging.

For information and rules contact:

Dave Gilliard