Our Patriot Ancestors

This is a list of our Patriot Ancestors, where they served, and the member who descended from them. If you are a member of the Gold Country chapter, please let us know who your Patriot Ancestor is and where they served.

Daniel Budd
New Jersey
Captain, Morris County Militia
Compatriot David A. Gilliard

Joseph Fyre Sr.
Major General, MA troops
Brigadier General, Continental Army
Compatriot Keith Bigbee

Elisha Hall
Captain, Berkshire County Militia
Compatriot David A. Gilliard

Andrew Hartsfield
North Carolina
Private, Johnston County Militia
Compatriot Gregory J Hill

Samuel Heath
Private, Berkshire County Militia
Compatriot David A. Gilliard

Benjamin Hull
New Jersey
Corporal, Continental Army,
Capt. Bond’s Company (Also Militia, Morris County)
Compatriot David A. Gilliard

Trustrum Hull
New Jersey
Provided material aid to Continental Army
Compatriot David A. Gilliard

Joseph Hulse
Private, Washington County Militia
Compatriot David A. Gilliard

Philemon Munroe
Private, Fought at Lexington Green, April 19, 1775
Compatriot Barry Hopkins

Francis Peake
Private, Ranger on the Frontier
Compatriot Edward Beyer

Robert Peele
North Carolina
Provided financial assistance to the Revolutionary Cause
Compatriot Gregory J. Hill

Daniel Buck Perkins
Private, Capt. John Shumway’s Co., CT 1st
Compatriot Dave Perkins

Reuben Seavey
Sgt, MA, Capt. William Crocker’s Co.
Compatriot Hon. Mike Holmes

Samuel Truax
Private, Bedford County Militia
Compatriot Paul L. Hatling

Abijah Virgil
New York & Massachusetts
Private, Massachusetts Line, Member of the Levies
Battles of Princeton and Saratoga
Compatriot  Smith Virgil