October 2017 Minutes

Minutes of the October 21, 2017 Meeting at Original Mel’s Diner in Auburn, CA

Meeting was called to order by President Hill at 9:05 am.

Gordon Clark gave the invocation.

Ron Barker led us in the SAR pledge.

President Hill welcomed California SAR State president Jim Fosdyck and first lady Un Hui Yi.

He also welcomed nine members and four guests.

Minutes were approved.

California SAR state president Jim Fosdyck advised that National SAR membership was over 35,000. He talked about Quits of Valor which are given to Veterans.  Un Hui had made 24 quilts in the last year and one half.  The state did very well in the youth contest having come in first place in the poster, brochure and oration contests.

President Jim Fosdyck presented 50 year Vietnam pins to Gordon Clark, Mike Hurst and prospective member Fred Hagan.

First Vice President Mike Holmes advised that the JROTC awards for Whitney High School will be in late January.  He has arranged for the chapter to have space in the hall after the Veteran’s Day parade.

Treasurer Dave Gilliard advised that we currently have over $11,000 in our account and dues statements would be mailed soon.  He advised that our elementary school poster contest with the subject of the Battle of Saratoga.  Annually the chapter gives out over $2,000 in youth awards.

We do need help with the poster presentations as Alan Brooking who normally helps with the contest will not be able to help because of medical treatment and recovery.

Secretary Ron Barker advised, in the absence of the color guard commander, that we would march in the Auburn Veteran’s Day Parade and also participate in Wreaths Across America on December 16th at 9 am.  The chapter will have hold a no host breakfast and public service awards after Wreaths Across America.  The main chapter fund raiser is working the election at a polling location where we earn about $700 for each election.  We need more volunteers.

Nominations for Officers:

President:  Tony Chakurian

First Vice President: Mike Holmes

Second Vice President and Chaplain: Gordon Clark

Treasurer: Dave Gilliard

Secretary: Ron Barker

Genealogist and Registrar: Mike Hurst

Chancellor: ?


Mike Holes led the recessional and Gordon Clark gave the benediction.

President Hill adjourned the meeting at 10:25 am.