Minutes for March 2015

Minutes of the March 21, 2015 Gold Country Chapter SAR Meeting at the Rose Room in Auburn, CA

President Greg Hill called the meeting to order at 9:16 AM. Recording Secretary Dale Ross was taking minutes.

Opening: Ron Barker led the Pledge of Allegiance. Bill Graber led the SAR Pledge.

Members and Guests: There was a new SAR member inducted into the chapter and his name is Sam Sublett and his wife is Liz Sublett. There were two guests recognized Jeannette Clark and Coreena Ross. There were a total of 9 members and 5 guests in attendance.

Minutes Approval: President Greg Hill asked for a motion approving the February meeting minutes as published on the chapter’s newsletter and on the website. A motion was made by Dave Gilliard to accept the chapter minutes as published on the website. Ernie McPherson seconded the motion. The motion carried to approve the minutes as published on the chapter website.

Chapter Reports:

President’s Report: President Greg Hill said he filed all of the reports with the CASSAR State Secretary.

Second Vice President: Ernie McPherson was closing down the concession business sales. Ernie donated $74.00 and an additional 61.75 for the chapter.

Treasurer: Dave Gilliard said the balance was the same as last month. Dave Gilliard said there would be a deposit of $135.75 from Ernie McPherson’s closing down the concession business sales.

Genealogist/Membership: Ron Barker spoke about his trip to the National Sons of the American Revolution Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. There were twelve inches of snow that fell while they were there. The snowstorm caused the city of Louisville, Kentucky to be closed down.

Ron Barker also stated that he is working on a monthly newsletter as well as quarterly newsletter for the chapter.

Color Guard: Dale Ross did the Color Guard activity for the Boy Scouts of America Commissioner Conference. The date of the Commissioner’s Conference was March 7th, 2015. The chapter did a flag ceremony at the Commissioner’s Conference.

Dale Ross wanted to look into purchasing two larger sized Color Guard Outfits for the chapter inventory. Discussion followed on the purchasing of the two new uniforms. Dale Ross will submit a budget for the two new uniforms.

Eagle Scout: Dale Ross said the Golden Empire Council Boy Scouts of America are going to release all of the Eagle Scout names to the chapter for the Eagle Scout Contest.

Old Business:

President Greg Hill spoke about doing the oration contest and the Gold Country Chapter participating in the oration contest.

Ron Barker spoke about the brochure contest and the Gold Country Chapter participating in the brochure contest.

New Business:

President Greg Hill said the Patriot’s Day Celebration in Auburn, CA has been cancelled due to the California State Society is holding the meeting at the same weekend.

The California State Society is hosting the meeting at the Wyndham Hotel in Irvine, CA. The date of the California State Society Meeting is April 17th, through April 19th, 2015.

Dave Gilliard spoke about Kent Gregory the upcoming California State Society Meeting President is going to come to one of the Gold Country Chapter Meetings.

Ernie McPherson spoke about getting a new meeting place for the chapter. Dave Gilliard spoke about doing a presentation for SIR.

Allan Brooking of the Sacramento Chapter invited the Gold Country Chapter to participate at the William Jessup University for the living history presentation. The dates of the presentation will be May 8th and May 9th, 2015.

Dave Gilliard spoke about the poster contest. There were approximately 600 posters and the topic for the poster contest was Lexington and Concord. The Gold Country Chapter has had several posters that were winners at the National Society Sons of the American Revolution in Louisville, Kentucky.

President Greg Hill said the Gold Country Chapter have new t-shirts for sale and they will sell for $20.00. The Gold Country Chapter will receive approximately $12.00 to $13.00 for each t-shirt sold.

President Greg Hill said the May meeting will be the Fire and Safety Awards.

Poster Judging: The chapter recessed to judge the posters by voting. After resuming the meeting the winners were announced. Students from John Adams Academy took first, second and third place.

Adjournment: Allan Brooking made the motion for the meeting to be adjourned. Dave Gilliard seconded the motion. The motion was carried.

Closing: Ernie McPherson led the SAR Pledge.

The meeting adjourned at 9:47 a.m.