May 2017 Minutes

Minutes of the May 20, 2017 Meeting at Original Mel’s Diner in Auburn, CA

Meeting was called to order by President Hill at 9:04 AM.

Gordon Clark gave the invocation.

Mike Holmes led us in the SAR pledge.

President Hill welcomed nine members and four guests.

Minutes of the April Meeting were approved.

President Hill introduced our Guest Speaker, Dr. Matthew Bowdish, also California SAR surgeon who talked about Colonial Medicine.

For most people heath care was at home and medical care was usually by the mother.

Herbal medicine was used and milk and wine vinegar.

Small pox was 40 to 90% fatal.

At Valley Forge there were 10,000 troops and 25% died.

2500 never had blankets at Valley Forge.

Paul Revere was a dentist.

George Washington on his last day was riding on his land in the rain. When he came in, he did not change his damp clothes.  He became ill that night. Doctors started bleeding him and just before he died that had drained 3 and one half quarts out of 5 in his body just before he died,

We welcomed new member, Rick Fisher, who is descended from Maj. Gen. Putnam.

Tony Chakurian, register advised that Mike Hurst’s application is at National awaiting approval and he is working with a teacher at John Adams Academy about SAR membership.

After the meeting in June we will be going over to a home in Auburn to do a flag program.  Wear your uniform or colonial dress.  Everyone is encouraged to come and see the presentation which is similar to what we do in schools.

Ron Barker led the recessional and Gordon Clark gave the benediction.

President Hill adjourned the meeting at 10:20 am.