Minutes for March 2014

Minutes of the March 15, 2014 Regular Meeting at Lou La Bonte’s in Auburn, CA.

President Dale Ross presided over the meeting and called it to order at 9:05AM. Secretary Greg Hill was taking minutes.

Opening: The invocation was given by 2nd Vice President Bill Graber. President Dale Ross led the pledge of allegiance, and Secretary Greg Hill led the SAR Pledge.

Attendance: There were 10 members and 3 guests in attendance.

Minutes: Compatriot Gilliard made a motion to approve the minutes as posted on the website, which passed without objection.

Treasurer – Compatriot Gilliard reported that there was no change in the account balances. $31 was collected in the hat.

Registrar – Registrar Ron Barker reported that one new junior member application had been received and sent to CSSAR and NSSAR for final approval. He also reported that applications that use DAR applications that reference yet earlier DAR applications will be facing increased scrutiny by national.

Compatriot Barker also updated us on the condition of Compatriot Donn Dancer, who is in the hospital. In addition to thoughts and prayers for Compatriot Dancer and his wife Mary, a new newsletter editor will be needed and volunteers are asked to contact Compatriot Barker if interested.

Compatriot Barker also raised the issue of the upcoming election, which is a fundraiser for the chapter. The chapter makes approximately $635 per polling place staffed. The commitment is 2-3 hours of time for training plus the Election Day itself.

Compatriot Barker then briefly reminded us of the upcoming CASSAR meeting on April 11-12 in Sacramento and the upcoming NSSAR Congress on July 18-24 in Greenville, SC.

President – Compatriot Ross accounted that the next meeting will be April 19th and will not be held in the usual location, but rather will coincide with the chapter’s Patriots’ Day celebration at the Auburn, CA Clock Tower. The time is 11:00AM to 1:00PM and is on April 19th. We will not be meeting at the restaurant.

Compatriot Ross also reminded us of the upcoming 4th of July, Constitution Day Parade in Nevada City on Sept. 14, and the Revolutionary War Encampment nearby on Sept. 13-14. He gave a summary of the Encampment and our plans to have a presence there.

Compatriot Jim Holmes, who is also a County Supervisor here in Placer County, entertained questions on the community for a brief period.

Poster Judging:
The membership then judged the posters for the Elementary Americanism Poster Contest. After voting completed, the final results were: First Place, Ryan Bartlett from Lincoln Crossing Elementary; Second Placer, Emma Kwan from Valley View Elementary; and Third Place Chloe Jeppson from Loomis Grammar School. The theme for this year was Francis Marion, “The Swamp Fox.” The winning poster from our chapter will go on to compete at the CASSAR state level.

New Business:
Compatriot Ernie McPherson reported that the California Military Department is suing the California State Military Museum Foundation on an issue unrelated to our business with them. Because it was of interest to our membership, the case was briefly discussed.

The lawsuit’s impact on the chapter is centered on sales of patriotic merchandise through the museum. The idea of the chapter getting it’s own necessary permit, license, or whatever is necessary to sell merchandise to the public was discussed with no definitive action taken at this meeting.

Compatriot Barker gave the benediction and Compatriot Gordon Clark led the SAR Recessional. President Ross adjourned the meeting at 10:35 AM.