Minutes for January 2014

Minutes of the January 18, 2014 Regular Meeting at Lou La Bonte’s in Auburn, CA.

President Dale Ross presided over the meeting and called it to order at 9:04 AM. Secretary Greg Hill was taking minutes.

Opening: The invocation was given by Compatriot Dave Gilliard, as Chaplain Barry Hopkins was absent. Compatriot Greg Hill led the pledge of allegiance, and Compatriot Keith Bigbee led the SAR Pledge.

Attendance: There were 14 members and 10 guests in attendance.

Minutes: The minutes were approved as posted on the website without objection.

Guest Speaker: The Guest Speaker, LCDR Richard Nowatzki, USN (ret.) gave his presentation on his service during WWII, including on the USS Midway and its involvement in the Doolittle Raid, the Battle of Midway, and other engagements. He had a book for sale, Memoirs of a Navy Major, of which he sold signed copies after his presentation.

At the conclusion of his presentation, President Ross presented LCDR Nowatzki with an SAR Wounded Warrior coin and certificate.

Awards and Presentations: Compatriot Alan Brooking received a supplemental certificate and star, and Compatriot Hill received two supplemental certificates and stars, for additional patriot ancestors.

Compatriot Gilliard was presented the Chapter Distinguished Service Award for his long and continued service to the chapter on the Poster program. The award was intended to be presented at the previous annual meeting in December but was delayed.

Compatriot Jim Davis received his member certificate, rosette and chapter pin, and was welcomed by everyone as a new member. He gave a brief account of his patriot ancestor.

Elections: The new slate of officers, previously nominated, was unanimously elected without any opposition and Compatriot Keith Bigbee swore in President Dale Ross, First VP Mike Holmes, Treasurer Dave Gilliard, Secretary Greg Hill, Genealogist & Registrar Ron Barker. Other elected officers were absent.

Old Business and Reports:
Eagle Scout: Compatriot Dale Ross reports that out of 14 submitted, we have one winner.

Nametags: Compatriots Ernie McPherson and Alan Brooking report that nametags are completed. The finished product was turned over to President Ross.

Wreaths Across America: Compatriots Dale Ross and Ron Barker gave an account of the event and encouraged others to participate in the future.

Registrar and Genealogist: Compatriot Ron Barker reported that one Junior Application was ready to send to National, and one regular member application was in progress.

ROTC: Compatriot Mike Holmes reported that a JROTC cadet will be presented with an award by our Chapter at Whitney High School.

Treasurer: Compatriot Dave Gilliard reported that there is $2,129 in the checking account, and $13,997 in the savings account. The donation hat was passed around and $34 was collected for our designated charity.

Color Guard: Compatriot Dale Ross reported that he is still searching for a new Color Guard Captain.

Poster Contest: Compatriot Dave Gilliard reported that presentations will begin at schools starting on Tuesday of this week.

Deadlines: Knight Essay deadline is the end of the month and we currently have none to submit. Public Safety Award deadline for the year is June 1st. We currently have given two Heroism Medals and one Fire Safety Commendation for the year.

New Business: Compatriot Ernie McPherson reported that the VFW Roseville is interested in a short historic flag presentation as part of their larger Memorial Day program.

Compatriot Ernie McPherson made a motion to investigate the usage of the microphone and speaker system in our lectern, setting aside a maximum of $100 for any new equipment to make it functional. The motion passed.

Compatriot Bigbee, the Immediate Past President for the CASSAR, reminded us of the upcoming State Meeting in Sacramento April 11-12. It will be a chance to attend a state meeting without traveling far. Information is available on the CASSAR website www.californiasar.org.

Compatriot Dale Ross reminded the chapter that this year we will again participate in the Constitution Day Parade in Grass Valley as well as explore participating in the Delaware Revolutionary War Encampment nearby on the same weekend.

Compatriot Mike Holmes suggested Auburn War Memorial as a potential activity for the chapter on Memorial Day.

Compatriot Ron Barker brought up Patriot’s Day which is Saturday April 19. There was interest by many in attending.

Compatriot Ron Barker also announced that our own Compatriot Bill Graber is the tentative guest speaker for the February meeting. He would be speaking on his recent trip to Lexington and Concord.

Closing: Compatriot Ron Barker led the SAR Recessional and Compatriot Dave Gilliard gave the benediction. President Ross adjourned the meeting at 1050.