Minutes for February 2014

Minutes of the February 15, 2014 Regular Meeting at Lou La Bonte’s in Auburn, CA.

President Dale Ross presided over the meeting and called it to order at 9:10 AM. Secretary Greg Hill was taking minutes.

Opening: The invocation was given by Chaplain Barry Hopkins. Registrar Ron Barker led the pledge of allegiance, and 2nd Vice President Bill Graber led the SAR Pledge.

Attendance: There were 12 members and 3 guests in attendance.

Minutes: The minutes were approved as posted on the website without objection.

Special Report: Because he had to leave early, Vice President Mike Holmes gave his report early. He announced that the ROTC award presentation went well but we are waiting on pictures.

Guest Speaker: The Guest Speaker, our own 2nd Vice President Graber, gave a presentation on his trip to Lexington Green. He presented photographs as well as engaged in discussion and questions from the rest of the members attending.

Compatriot Ross asked Compatriot Hill to prepare a Certificate of Appreciation for Compatriot Graber.

Old Business and Reports:

Treasurer Dave Gilliard reported that there is $2,130 in the checking account and $13,998 in the savings account.

Poster Contest Chairman Dave Gilliard reported that there are still two more school presentations to go and that the rest went well. He reminded that pre-judging will take place on March 8th and the chapter judging will take place at the next meeting.

Eagle Scout Chairman Dale Ross reported that they have 11 Eagle Scout entries. He also informed us that Boy Scout Leader Schultz, previously recognized with a Heroism medal from the Gold Country Chapter, was also recognized by the BSA for the same actions.

New Business:

Compatriot Keith Bigbee reminded us that the State Meeting is coming up and will be nearby in Sacramento April 11-12. Signup forms are available on the state website and in the California Compatriot.

More members are needed to sign up for polling place duty on Election Day June 3, 2014. The hours are 6:00AM to 9:00PM.

Bylaws revision continues and is a work in progress.

Compatriot Dave Gilliard made a motion to make the April meeting on April 19th be a short meeting on site for the Patriot Day celebration in Auburn, CA. The motion passed and the President was reminded to inform the restaurant of our not meeting in April at Lou La Bonte’s.

Compatriot Dale Ross reminded us that the Cub Scout Day Camp will be the third Saturday in June, the 13th.

Closing: Compatriot Greg Hill led the SAR Recessional. President Ross adjourned the meeting at 10:15 AM.