Minutes for August 2014

Minutes of the August 16, 2014 Regular Meeting at Lou La Bonte’s in Auburn, CA.

President Dale Ross presided over the meeting and called it to order at 9:10AM. Secretary Greg Hill was taking minutes.

Opening: The pledge of allegiance was led by Secretary Hill, Compatriot Ernie McPherson led the SAR Pledge.

Attendance: There were 5 guests and 11 members in attendance.

Minutes Approval: President Ross asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Secretary Hill made the motion and it was unanimously agreed to.

Swearing in of New Members: President Ross swore in Compatriot Stillman Gates, a new member of the Gold Country Chapter. He was presented with a Member’s Rosette, Gold Country Chapter pin and his NSSAR membership certificate. The chapter members then welcomed him.

Guest Speaker: Treasurer Dave Gilliard and Registrar Ron Barker gave an account of their trip to the National Convention in South Carolina in July. This included the convention itself as well as various side trips to battlefields and historical points of interest.

First Vice President Mike Holmes reported that he would like more information on the education packages and raised the issue of Sacramento and El Dorado chapter participation in the Constitution Day Parade in Nevada City.

Treasurer Dave Gilliard reported that the checking account balance is $3,301.65, the savings account balance is $11,992.33 and he has successfully gained access to the savings account. $23 was collected in the charity hat.

Old Business:
Poster Contest Chairman Dave Gilliard gave a report on the Poster Contest at the National Congress. Gold Country Chapter’s poster took second place.

President Ross and Registrar Barker spoke about the Fourth of July Parade in Nevada City and the Gold Country Chapter Color Guard’s involvement.

Secretary Hill gave a report on the Bylaws Committee, which met to review the Bylaws and to consider revising them. A proposed revision (LINK) was passed around for review and Secretary Hill announced that a copy would be sent to all members so that they could potentially vote on adopting the revision at the next meeting. 

New Business:
Revolutionary War Encampment. President Ross spoke about the upcoming Revolutionary War Encampment at Pioneer Park in Nevada City running September 12-14. This will be followed by the Constitution Day Parade in Nevada City on the 14th. A chapter potluck following the event was discussed.

Chapter Officers Election. President Ross reminded us that chapter officer elections will be coming up soon and to consider how you can help the chapter.

Chapter Newsletter. Compatriot Gilliard has accepted the job of editor for now with Compatriot Hill assisting. It was announced that part of the Bylaws revision proposal would allow the newsletter to move to a quarterly publication but we would try to send a physical mailed copy rather than rely on electronic distribution to encourage involvement and participation. Compatriot Barker made a motion to support the move to a quarterly publication and it passed unanimously.

Compatriot Gordon Clark led the SAR Recessional and Registrar Barker gave the benediction. President Ross adjourned the meeting at 10:35AM.