Daniel Buck Perkins First Person Bio

Name/rank:  Pvt. Daniel Buck Perkins from Norwich, CT
Wife:  Sally Berchard from Mansfield, CT

Born: 13 May 1760

On the 20th of May 1777, seven days after my 17th birthday, I enlisted with Capt. John Shumway’s Company in the Connecticut 1st Battalion for three years.  My pay for this entire time was £2 a month.

Our company participated in the Battle of Germantown on 4 October 1777.  Shortly after that battle we joined General Washington’s army in PA and spent that terrible winter of 1777/1778 at Valley Forge.  Many of those encamped there suffered terribly but our compatriots back home supplied us with much needed food, clothing and supplies.

On 28 June 1778 our company engaged the enemy at the Battle of Monmouth.  In 1779 we repelled General Tyron’s attempted invasion.  Then we were assigned duty patrolling the Hudson River.  I was charged with watch at West Point for some time beginning in November 1779.  Little did I know that my fellow Norwich townsman, Benedict Arnold, at that very moment was plotting to turn the facility I was guarding over to the British.

After my discharge on 20 May 1780 I returned to Norwich where I married Sally in 1787.  We lived first at Deerfield, Orange County, New York and briefly at Duanesburg, NY.  Then I purchased a 160 acre farm at Manlius, Onondaga County.  Today my farm is part of the greater Syracuse, NY area.

On 9 September 1806 I was riding my horse through the forest during a rainstorm when we were struck by lightening.  My horse was instantly killed but I managed to hang on long enough to dictate my will before expiring at the age of 46 leaving Sally to raise our children.